Russian-American singer-songwriter, producer, arranger Mira Stroika started classical piano training at three and a half, which kicked off a rigorous education throughout childhood in the works of composers who would shape her musical core including Beethoven, Chopin and Ravel. Upon graduation from Yale, Stroika bucked expectations of entering a high powered career and hit the underground performance world of New York where she honed her craft as a performer while studying voice with Don Lawrence (Lady Gaga) and composition.

With powerhouse vocals compared to singers like Florence Welch and Tori Amos, Stroika gradually took over the production of her music and crafted a sound inspired by the bold eclecticism of works like Queen’s iconic A Night At the Opera. Whether a pop ballad with her sweeping string arrangements, a David Bowie-esque rock anthem, a piano etude to New York or a whimsical Tom Waits-ian song about forbidden desires, Stroika is unafraid to create across an expansive range of emotional tones and styles. Her recordings feature mixing by Chris Elms (Bjork), mastering by 11 time Grammy Award winner Bob Ludwig and musicians from the Scottish Symphony Orchestra.