With a glint in her eye and fiery red curls, Mira Stroika is a New York based artist who has developed a multigenerational following thanks to her explosive, raw vocal talent and eclectic theatrical sound. Stroika’s musical roots developed early on with classical piano training from the age of three, cello and voice studies and eventually teaching herself accordion. With a sound that is reminiscent of Amanda Palmer and Regina Spektor, Stroika’s music is full of storytelling, catchy hooks and the soulfulness of an artist who has fought to stay true to her inner voice.

Stroika sings in over half a dozen languages, has collaborated with Grammy Award winning artists, performed in Berlin and has worked her way from New York’s club scene all the way to Lincoln Center as well as performing for the ambassadors of the U.N. General Assembly.  Stroika studied at Stanford, Yale and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.


“At half-time, the accordion extraordinaire Mira Stroika is called to the stage where she promptly grabs the microphone and walks it to the center of the room. The crowd wraps around her, the houselights gaze lovingly down, her boisterous voice is unlocked from her throat and the bar is filled with French Accordion music. Even the tall skinny man in the very back who has been drunk for hours, stands mock-still as the sound rings through the room. At the song’s finale, Mira hits one long sustained note of bravado and holds it, eyes closed, smiling, until the audience laughs and then gasps and laughs again.”


“Take two cups of Edith Piaf, one half cup of Eartha Kitt, a sprinkle of Betty Boop plus a serious portion of that je ne sais quoi that enthralls audiences and you have what I see as one of New York’s most exciting new cabaret singers: Mira Stroika.”


“A genius artist.” – NEW CENTURY BOOKING

“A phenomenon unto herself.” – BROADWAY WORLD

“Simply mind blowing.” – GOWANUS YOUR FACE OFF

“Channeling the ghost of Edith Piaf.” – FLAVORPILL

“Glamorous, glitzy and gutsy with a powerful voice that resonates with the deepest part of the soul, Mira Stroika dazzled her audience with her unique blend of music that fuses Eastern European folk, German and French cabaret with contemporary pop songwriting.”


“Mira Stroika is an artist with a huge future…With her singular powerful voice, enchanting stage presence, and passionate delivery, she is a captivating and extraordinary performer…Our audience simply fell in love with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sign, book or work with a great rising star.”


“Mira Stroika was the best performance of the evening. No one captured the audience’s energy and attention like she did…Her powerful voice has such a soul that it filled the whole venue, and everyone was pulled into her songs.”